Going, going, gone…

Yes, that’s right. See also the comments below: Top left — The Weave Shed; Top Right — The Taj Mahal restaurant.  Bottom left — Mahar’s and Bottom right — who’s next?

If you think we delight in documenting the demise of these businesses you are wrong.  We suspect that the attitude of the administration has been, up to now, ” Oh well, there are always new businesses willing to take their places.” That was never the right attitude but the poverty of that stance is more noticeable now.

What we would like to see is the bustle and “vibrancy” everyone sees and likes in the Farm market evident in the whole town. That should be the Council’s “vision” and mandate. They should be asking themselves how they can provide the environment that will foster that. They must ask themselves what it is about the Farm market that makes it successful for its participants.  Hint  — consider taxes, overhead, red-tape, cost of doing business. And yes, fairness, not just “fair trade”, should enter into the equation too. If they don’t the sun will go down in Wolfville.

As our observant commenter points out: Top Left was Mr. B’s. Ask the mayor why it has been vacant so long. Top right– Hatt and Kull who took at face value the promoted fair trade, organic image of Wolfville and were disappointed in the actual response; Bottom left — The old Bank building. The town hasn’t succeeded in finding or attracting anyone for that space; Bottom right — the old Kipawo building. If Merrill and Hennessy hadn’t taken it and set up in half of it, it would all be empty.

Ready for the last lot? We wish these were the last but you will notice more. The Athena Gallery is closing out after only a few months. And we haven’t mentioned the McDonalds hot dog place let alone the Petrocan property.


The answers to yesterday’s challenge [Congratulations Fluffy!!!]: Top left was Take 30 CURVES! which left when 3 break ins in 6 months or so made it just too expensive to stay (insurance and otherwise); Top right was Eagle Spirit which moved to New Minas we hear; Bottom left was Progeny, the gimme. Anyone know why they are leaving? Someone should ask because this is the kind of business some would like to see centered here;  Bottom right was Saucy Strides which, sadly, just couldn’t make enough sales in this market to make a go of it.

Here is our second challenge. These are easy ones, doncha think?


Here’s a visual challenge. Can you identify the businesses that most recently used to be in these Wolfville locations? One is a gimme. [Answers tomorrow. This is part one of three.]


8 responses to “Going, going, gone…

  1. No. 1 Curves
    No. 2 Eagle Spirit
    No. 3 Progeny
    No. 4 Saucy Strides

    And more to come, poor Wolfville losing all these businesses.

  2. I still think that no 1 was CURVES because Take 30 left before that, they were where Loonies and Toonies is today. I know they come and go so fast it’s easy to loose track.
    PS: Another sign went up today “Gallery Athena” will be out by the end of the month. Oh dear where will it all end. Who will be left to pay all the taxes?

  3. You are Right! What were we thinking. Take 30 left ages ago – It was Curves!!!!

  4. No. 1 has been empty for so long, but guessing Mr. B’s
    No. 2 Hatt & Kull
    No. 3 Bank of Montreal (Nesbitt Burns)
    No. 4 Old Kipawo

    Wonder if anyone is loosing sleep over this?

  5. If it wasn’t so sad this would be fun.
    Here we go again.
    No. 1 The Weave Shed, they have been here a long time, too bad, maybe they weren’t fair trade enough!!
    No. 2 Taj Mahal, we hear that you can make more working one day a week at the FM.
    No. 3 Mahar’s hope they get help with the mortage.
    No. 4 Who is hiding behind the moving van?

  6. As Pierre Trudeau commonly pointed out, “no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should” . . . we’ll either fix the situation here in our quiet little valley town or we won’t! When you come to the end of the day, it’s all up to us!

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  8. Betty Morgan

    You forgot Seven Waves which was driven out by people complaining about the commercial use of the house.