Questions from Brison

We haven’t received it yet but Scott Brison has a flyer out in Ontario with questions to us, the taxpayers, asking where we would like our money spent (if we give him the right to spend it!).  We are happy to give his home constituents, who may have given him money, an opportunity to see the flyer he is spending money on in Ontario. Since it hasn’t appeared in our mailbox yet, and since it isn’t on his website, we depend on the scan taken by Steve Janke.

He asks a few questions which he must think have some importance but hasn’t (yet anyway) distributed in Kings-Hants.

Skipping the spin they are: Does an economic “crisis” in the market offer “buying opportunities” ? [Try not to be swayed by the Harper swipe.]

Where should the federal government spend money? You have  a bunch of options including tax reductions and a line for you to add your own suggestion (like health care which isn’t mentioned, or all of the above, or debt reduction which also could be an option).

Perhaps Scott doesn’t think people in King-Hants are interested in such questions or perhaps the Post Office is just real slow in delivering our flyers but you, our privileged readers, do not have to wait —  you can answer on line.

Ht Steve Janke

[We are annoyed that we have to find out about this from a blogger in Ontario when Scott is OUR MP.]


2 responses to “Questions from Brison

  1. It’s unfortunate when partisan politicians play “loose” with the truth in order to gain political points. This is what Scott is doing when he misrepresents both the words and the intent of Stephen Harper’s comment. Scott appears to think it’s a game to be played but, in fact, what he’s doing here is sophistry pure and simple. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

  2. Scott who?
    I guess he forgot about us, too.