Election flavours

It looks as if an election is in our future.

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald says a provincial election campaign could be underway within “a few days.” The premier made the comment today during a campaign-style speech in Halifax, delivered to about two dozen cabinet ministers and their staff.

He says the opposition Liberals have said they don’t want an election, but the third party appears poised to bring down the government after the Tories introduce an amendment to the Provincial Finance Act.

`In a few days, it certainly looks as if Liberal MLAs will force Nova Scotians to the polls,” MacDonald said.

This is very depressing. Not because we don’t want an election, but because we have no one we want to vote for. We are asked to choose between Old fashioned Vanilla , Vanilla fudge, and low fat, organic Vanilla made with certified fair trade vanilla beans, which is good for us and we had better like it. [Don’t ask us which is which. You figure it out.] What kind of choice is that? They are all half baked.

Related: Rodney is adding sprinkles trying to make his flavour more attractive.

Later: Agar Adamson doesn’t know who he likes either. He just has questions; We can’t look to him for answers.


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