Acadia’s new face

Everyone’s getting a face-lift these days. Reports are that this Ivany guy isn’t letting grass grow under his or anyone’s feet [ Have we mentioned this before?]. There does seem to be a new energy about the place.

We’ve noticed that You tube has a lot of new Acadia clips via Acadia TV, not the least of them being those with Ron James. There is what we see as a “refreshed” Acadia online presence via a number of websites -the ASU site, Atheneum, Acadia4u and OpenAcadia some with links and feeds   on Facebook and now on twitter.

Much of this activity started months ago but the President is putting “his face”, literally and figuratively, on Acadia’s new look. This “rebranding” is exemplified in his President’s message. Compare the look of that page with this one – the home page of the Acadia University site.

Then there is what he says – content:

Wolfville is a quintessential college town that welcomes students and, when university is in session, features a population that is almost equally balanced between university students and full-time residents. This means that Acadia and its activities – from sports and leisure to arts and culture – are integral to the town. Acadia and Wolfville represent a safe and vibrant community that will quickly become our students’ home away from home.

Emphases ours. We hope Wolfville and the University will be safe and vibrant again. All we can say is that it  is less safe and less vibrant than it used to be at one time. And we hope this new face will not just be window dressing but a reflection of a new reality.

Related: Acadia has avoided censure for now over the Wightman dismissal it appears. The Union has postponed action for the time being.

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