Maple Ave. appeal

The development proposed for Maple Ave. is being appealed to the NS Utility and Review Board.

The subdivision for the top of Maple Ave. was approved in a 4-3 decision. Omaray Developments want to develop the 13-acre residential property, but resident Lutz Becker has appealed.

Lutz has been at loggerheads with the town administration over a number of issues, flooding of his property being only one.

Wolfville CAO Roy Brideau said last week he anticipates a pre-hearing sometime this month.

Council debated the project over several hours due to existing flooding problems on the street.

It seems to us that building where flooding exists is asking for trouble.

Initial plans for the development included 15 single-family lots, nine R1A and nine R1A semi-detached units. [link to source]

We wonder who will buy these homes since there are so many for sale in town already and none seem to be selling.  We hear that recent sales, such as they are,  have been for well under the assessed value. [ We thought the assessed value was based on market value. Will assessments go down? Not if the Town has anything to do with it.] This appears to us to be pure land speculation and unless the houses are built in a short time frame is not much benefit to the town. Look at the Woodman Land development as an example. The developers had years to actually build there and now we have what, one? house.

At least this time these issues were discussed and the vote was close.

Later: Some background on the development here:

Last fall council had tabled a vote on the project due to existing flooding problems on the street. The town’s public works director Kevin Kerr has given assurances that ditching work will reroute the water coming downhill.

Kerr has estimated also that it would cost between $1.6-$1.8 million to upgrade Maple Ave.


2 responses to “Maple Ave. appeal

  1. It’s too bad that the powers at be don’t understand that people don’t move to an area because of the houses, but because of jobs.

    They can sell as much land as they want to developers, but if people have no means to pay their mortgages, the efforts are for naught.

  2. Council must have known of this flooding problem for some time. So why aren’t the ditches dug already?

    Best to fix the problem before compounding it…

    Look at the top of Maple with googleearth. It’s clear that this area is not contiguous with the the rest of Wolfville — and close to the freeway noise.. location, location…

    Wolfville has a totally irrational street layout…. The recently approved housing project on Maple will exacerbate the weaknesses of the famously foolish Wolfville street layout! Which genius designed/runs this place?

    Mr Kerr talks about 1.8 mega-bucks — that would have to be hypothetical, wouldn’t it? When I suggested a footpath for the much walked Wickwire, Mr Kerr gave me the good old Wolfville brush-off.

    Now Wickwire is a much walked/traveled road. It is the most direct route from a big housing area to: the University, Medical Facilities, School, and down-town business area…. Wickwire has no foot path!

    I see quite a few older folks walking Wickwire — and it’s obvious they don’t all feel comfortable about sharing the road with motorized fools like me. I drive my kid to school rather than let him walk that inherently unsafe road — same for the neighbors kids.

    Lower Wickwire is a total mess — and part of the bus circuit… having many facilities nearby. Council should get Lower Wickwire fixed before they even starting to talk about upping the traffic on Maple… and blowing $1.8M on Maple,. Maple should remain, for now, a country road.

    I understand that the Mayor has a nice foot path on his street — now there’s a road to nowhere…. I’m surprised they didn’t pave it with gold.