Restaurant check

We’ve heard very unhappy noises about one of our newer restaurants in town. A chef, or perhaps we should say an ex-chef,  is very unhappy indeed about how the place is being run and his treatment while employed. He has  some serious allegations which he has reported to us.

Now we have no way of checking whether this whistle blower is dead on the money or not, and we wish to be fair to the restaurant management,  but one thing we could do is check the NS Food Establishment Inspection Report to see what the authorities had to say about the Mud Creek Grill and it may confirm at least one item in our informant’s list of complaints.

An inspection was done at the Grill early in December 2008.

There were three infractions noted at that time- failure to provide adequate lighting intensity,  inadequate construction and/or maintenance of handwash stations  AND this one:

Food for use in a Permitted Food Establishment must be obtained from inspected and approved sources only. All preparation or storage of foods for use in the facility must be in the permitted Food Establishment. Correct practice immediately.

We understand Chef Freeman has left a list of his allegations in the post office to alert the public of his concerns and has been in contact with some of the appropriate authorities so we believe this is just chapter one of this story. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Chef Freeman tells us in a comment to this post that he now has a blog at where he lays out his complaints.

3 responses to “Restaurant check

  1. Hello there and thanks for the posting. If anyone wants to know more about the situation then check out my blog. It’s titled One Mans Rant.

    Cheers, James Freeman

  2. Also going around is how the boss/owner treats his staff. Girls to show a little more, leave a few buttons undone. We also hear the he has a bad case of potty mouth, and talk about potties, No toilet paper in the bathrooms. Is this another big shot come here to show us Maritimers how it’s done.

  3. former emplyee of chef freeman

    taking advantage of 19 year old girls is professional chef james maybe u should clean ur own back yard first