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Another flag flap. Another place, same political correctness stupidity. The Canadian anthem , the Canadian flag – no longer acceptable. Are these people educated? You would never know it. What are they afraid of? The Human Rights Commission?

A Canadian flag used to hang from the ceiling of Wyckham House, the student services building owned and operated by the Students’ Association of Mount Royal College. The flag was taken down during extensive renovations to the building last year and has not been returned to the same location.

“We want to be as fully representative of all of our students as possible, so what we want to do is go out there and make sure that this is something the students want to see,” Elizabeth McKeown, the student association’s vice-president of student life, told CBC News on Monday.

The association is preparing a questionnaire to ask students about the flag after it received a submission raising the possibility that Canada’s red-and-white standard could be “exclusionary.”

Somehow we don’t think that if we studied in or immigrated to Italy, or the UAE or China that they would take down their flag because we felt somehow  “excluded” from their patriotism. But on the basis of ONE, unsigned letter this is what our educators are considering.

People may not realize that overt displays of patriotism can also be seen as exclusionary and even sometimes work to undermine democratic ideals,” the unsigned letter reads.

The correspondence quotes a 2001 article from MIT Tech Talk, the Boston-area university’s official newspaper, that outlined how a student from Burma felt “excluded and intimidated” about the proliferation of American flags shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings in the United States.

McKeown said she received the one-page letter from a student, who wants to remain anonymous, in January. The issue was raised briefly during a council meeting the next month, which led to the decision to survey students.

We hope students themselves put an end to this nonsense, but flying the  Canadian flag at a government subsidised educational institution isn’t something that students should be voting on, even if MIT suggest it might “bother” some foreign students. What are we teaching our leaders of tomorrow? How stupid we can be?

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Later: Charles has a follow up post on the range of opinions on this issue.

One response to “From the flag flap files

  1. If a Canadian flag is a problem, just think how terrible they must feel to actually be in Canada!

    CBC must have been hard up for a story.

    My bleeding heart…. Makes me feel like erecting a few flag poles. Council would probably call it property improvement and up my taxes…. Perhaps Wolfville Town Council should be flying the Jolly Roger?