Our Earth Hour

We looked for the two images of Halifax that were on the front page of the CH the other day showing the skyline before and during earth hour. Unfortunately we couldn’t find them online so we could show our readers how little difference there was between them. In fact it almost looked as if there were more lights on in the during picture than the before. [Later- here’s NY Time Square -before and after]

The CH reports that:

On the East Coast, about 250 people gathered as gathered on Halifax’s Grand Parade to watch Mayor Peter Kelly turn off the city hall’s lights.

250 people, eh? Seems like this stunt didn’t exactly go viral in the Maritimes.  For example we didn’t hear about anyone burning their house down as they almost did in Earth Hour enthusiastic Mississauga.

Meanwhile, an unattended candle is being blamed for causing another fire in Mississauga during Earth Hour Saturday night.

A couple, honouring a global initiative to turn off the lights for one hour to conserve energy, lit a candle on a living room shelf.

The couple left their home on Stardust Drive without blowing the candle out, said Valade.

Damages to their home is estimated to be around $30,000.

Ht Lassoo of Truth

$30,000 damage. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!

As for us, we weren’t sitting around, huddled around a wood fire and reading by candlelight;  we were celebrating Human Achievement Hour. And some people say we are negative.

Related: Earth Hour down under:

The Sydney Morning Herald didn’t bother to see what people would actually do during Earth Hour before reporting unprecedented support. This news story on Earth Hour appeared on its website site just after midnight, before almost three quarters of the world had had a chance to flick a switch – or not:

Later: Deemed a vote for action –

“The world said yes to climate action, now governments must follow,” the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said …

WWF called the event, which began in Australia in 2007 and grew last year to 400 cities worldwide, “the world’s first-ever global vote about the future of our planet.”

But what kind of vote was it? In CH’s Voice of the people Mar. 31

I live in an apartment facing the Public Gardens, so on Saturday at 8:20 p.m., I doused my lights and went out on my balcony to see what was happening. Everything looked just as it normally does – lights blazing in all directions.

The large apartment building near mine was, as usual, lit up like a Christmas tree. Being rather naive, I watched at 8:30, fully expecting that at least half of the lights around me would suddenly turn off like magic. There wasn’t even a flicker!

Then, to add insult to injury, I noticed that a neighbour even had his entire balcony brilliantly illuminated with a string of Christmas tree lights.

This is people voting with their light switches.


2 responses to “Our Earth Hour

  1. I do know in Yarmouth very few participated. I had to be out for the first half of it and driving home, every single house I passed had its lights on. Sad.

  2. Yes, the whole thing is pretty sad. Even Al Gore couldn’t be bothered to pretend. http://tinyurl.com/czqdz7