Farm Market closing

No, not the Wolfville flea farm market but the country market run by Scotian Gold. It won’t open this spring.

“The operation hasn’t been profitable for a number of years,” she says of the farm market, one of the most popular aspects of which was the ice cream stand, and the adjacent greenhouse area.”

Asked how long the farm market, which started as a roadside fruit and vegetable stand and has been expanded over the years, has been operating, Corey was uncertain.

Coldbrook resident who alerted us to the news said she had “been buying ice cream there since I was a child.

Why, we wonder, (ww also stands for we wonder)  is it not profitable. Why is it that the Wolfville Flea Farm market is booming and  Scotian Gold can’t make that side of their operation “sustainable”? Could it be, we speculate, because Scotia Gold has a mile of regulations and red tape  and taxes and overhead . Seems to us, if the playing field was evened (by reducing the government burden on this company) they could be just as profitable running their market as the Wolfville Farm Market (which doesn’t have to pay for their location).

Just like the Weave Shed in Wolfville, which  has had “business for sale” signs up for some weeks, it is hard to compete with a tax free, over-head free, flea market, which government turns a blind eye to.

One response to “Farm Market closing

  1. Support the underground economy shop at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market. Soon there will be very little retail in downtown Wolfville.