Pothole solution

Everyone has been dodging potholes all over the province. We think we read somewhere that some poor driver got stopped as a drunk driver but his swerving was not alcohol related but pothole related. There is perhaps a solution in sight. Business to the rescue!

Don’t be surprised if you see Col. Sanders out filling potholes. In an unusual cause-marketing push, KFC is tackling the pothole problem in Louisville, Ky. in exchange for stamping the fresh pavement with “Re-freshed by KFC,” a chalky stencil likely to fade away in the next downpour

Cause marketing. Hmm Better than billboards we say!  This should be an idea for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to pursue. The mayor of Louisville, Ky is sure pleased with the idea.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson noted in a statement that budgets are tight for cities across the country, and finding funding for road repairs is a dirty job. “It’s great to have a concerned corporation like KFC create innovative private/public partnerships like this pothole refresh program.

And it isn’t just roads.

The KFC program appears to be part of a growing body of consumer-service marketing that connects in a meaningful way. This past holiday season, Charmin provided a public restroom in Times Square for the third year running. The company has also developed an application for iPhone and BlackBerry that helps consumers find toilets when the need arises. Samsung has installed electrical charging stations in many major airports to help travelers stay connected while in limbo.

Too bad our KFC outlet closed out here but Irving could do a world of good with this sort of marketing to restore its rather sorry image, doncha think? And what better project for them than the roads?

Given the state of things …  corporations are looking to cause marketing for a variety of reasons. “Marketers are looking to use cause marketing or cause branding to look for opportunities to do a few things, build brand equity, enhance reputation. And it’s also a big benefit to morale, it’s a big help in recruitment and retention.”

We can hope this is an idea that catches on.

HT The London Fog

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