Dryden at Acadia


Here’s a novanewsnow report on Ken Dryden’s presentation at Acadia. Odd, or maybe not,  that our local Lois Lane doesn’t mention how many students weren’t were there.

“It’s time for Canada.” The York Centre MP and former minister of social development is touring Canadian universities apolitically to talk about that topic.

Apolitically? How can he be seen as non- partisan when he is a sitting Liberal MP.  Come on, Ken.

Ken Dryden, MP and former cabinet minister will be at Acadia this afternoon giving a Public Lecture entitled: “It’s Time for Canada” [What does that mean we wonder-guess we will have to attend to find out]

Time- 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Place- Beveridge Arts Centre,  room 244.

See you there , maybe.

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