Blogging Frank 554

Although the multi-page spread on the CH job layoffs this time was naturally of interest to us, frankly [ :-)] we haven’t found much worth talking about in Frank in the last few issues. For one thing there haven’t been many Valley of Fear stories lately [surely they aren’t leaving it to us?] But in this issue there are a couple of local stories which prompt us to comment.

First “Off the Rails” about Railtown or rather about the liens against the condo development which total $380,000. In addition Frank informs us RIC Inc holds two mortgages, for $4.7 million and $2 million “the latter at an alarmingly high 30%. ”  Among the list of companies with claims is Fairline Electric claiming $114,323.55, Rafuse Building Supplies with a lien of $76, 746.27 and G.C. Baxter Plumbing and Heating with exactly the same amount [down to the 27 cents ! what’s with that?] and Lafarge Canada which is owed $67,227.71.

In addition there is a half page on the on again off again Mill Island Condo development in Windsor [upshot- behind schedule, over budget almost 100% and tied up with unsettled liens]

The other bit pertaining to our neck of the woods is a bit about Colin Wightman which reveals “several new details on his admitted indiscretion.” We won’t go there. If you want to know you can go buy the magazine. What did interest us was what was reported to be in the chambers brief from Acadia:

“What is known of his sexual behavior was totally incompatible with the positions he held within Acadia…where students, particularly young female students, must be able to function free of apprehension that they will be exposed to person such as (Colin) who engage in sexual activities with young women such as (he) admits he did.

We really question why -given recent university sexual standards – this man’s personal consensual sexual activity is any more threatening to students than a gay professor’s would be, and we know several of those. Or are we to presume that the gay (and/or lesbian) professors at Acadia are celibate. Moreover, since we gather there are gay, lesbian and transsexual persons in the student body here again vulnerable female and male students are “exposed” to persons such as (they) who engage in sexual activities with (fill in the blank) such as they do and we would think they are in much closer proximity (in residence for example)  than in the classroom or from a director of Computer Science. Once Acadia opens that door there’s no going back, is there?

As we’ve quoted before:

The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.

Frank also names Mr. Wightman’s wife and where he lives. Are we wrong to think that Frank at one time might have been kind enough to leave that out?

We did check out Franktube as asked ( although the url they gave in the mag gives us a not found page) and watched the rather sad video of Peggy Draper.

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