Paper poll

This internet poll at the CH, which indicates that only 27% of readers at the site also had a paper subscription, must be of great concern to the paper barons.


How to handle it. There seems to be some dispute at the top; according to Frank ( 554 good til March 17th) Graham doesn’t think slashing jobs is the solution while his offspring thinks blood must flow. The Frankster think Sarah has no imagination or vision for the paper and he may be right. Certainly it will take more than cost cutting and job losses to get us to buy a paper copy on a regular basis again.

As for the other execs, who knows what they think except they like pizza [who doesn’t] and the reality is -no matter what Graham thinks- heads are rolling [Frank has a list]. It appears the wear pink, anti-bullying campaign didn’t really change any executive minds. [It won’t work with the Taleban either]

The Frankster thinks the job slaughter looks suspiciously like Union busting but what with this business of bumping “the practice  which gives union members the opportunity to execute comrades with less seniority to save their own skin” it looks to us like the Union is part of the problem.

The Frankster makes much of the fact that Terry O’Neil took a two week holiday down under  (where winter is coming early!) in the middle of it all and expresses outrage in usual Frank style. We on the other hand wonder whether maybe he was talking to a possible buyer.

We would like to be proud of the CH, one of the few remaining independent papers, but they don’t make them like Graham and his ilk anymore. The new generation [and we don’t just mean Sarah]  has not only abandoned the paper’s traditional business and management practice it has also badly neglected genuine reporting. Otherwise we’d be there rooting for it and for its staff (whether on the pickets or no). And we’d be buying the paper.

Instead we are blogging.


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