An interview with a pamphleteer

Mr. Becker, that Teutonic thorn in the side of certain factions in the Wolfville Town administration,  has found a new  audience. His views have had an airing recently by way of  The Atheneum. The first article titled “Tyranny in Wolfville”, was last month, and concisely summarized Mr. Becker’s 4 concerns voiced in one of his blog posts which we also noted and summarized here at Ww at the time. The mayor declined the Ath’s offer of a response. [Guess he would decline our request too. Good thing we didn’t ask.]

The Athenaeum invited Mayor Stead to an interview to discuss these allegations, point by point, but the Mayor declined in his e-mail correspondence. Mayor Stead did see fit to comment though. He stated that the issues Becker brought up in the blog and pamphlet were “…largely a repeat of communications directed to the Town of Wolfville and it’s officers and elected officials over the past several months.” Mayor Stead went on to say that, “This town does not have the resources to assign to issues that are so destructively critical and without substance or foundation. We prefer to deal with constructive criticism that make us better at what we do for the people who elect or hire us.”

We think Mr. Becker’s criticism is very constructive, and not without substance either. We think that the the mayor doesn’t like criticism at all, constructive or otherwise. We hope that the mayor has returned refreshed from his sojourn in a warm clime (Cuba wasn’t it?) and ready to face more of the same, but to get back to Mr. Becker.

Mr. Becker was apparently delighted to be asked for an interview (we assume he was asked- maybe he offered it himself)  and so The Ath has done another article ” Mr. Becker speaks”. This one concentrates on the Brideau contract issue. After another concise summary of the details of Lutz’s case, it concludes:

Becker stresses that he has not called the Mayor a tyrant, but instead only posed a question. If you go to the municipal government act it states clearly that the municipality is governed by council,” says Becker. “In this council he [the mayor] has one vote, just like all the others.”

“They run the town as if it were a business,” laments Becker. Mr. Becker has stated that his next course of action might potentially be to gather a few of his main questions, and bring them forth at a Town Council meeting; a course of action that Becker says his lawyer has advised him to consider. If Becker does eventually decide to do this, then municipal politics are about to get a lot more interesting

Although the article isn’t news to us in terms of content, it is interesting that some students are taking an interest in the Town and how it is run. That’s good news we think.


3 responses to “An interview with a pamphleteer

  1. It’s hard to picture the Prime Waffler of Wolfville as a “Tyrant”… the imagery just doesn’t work for me. Obviously. Mayor Stead can’t answer the questions — so he is lying low…

    As for the lame-brained Mayoral response:
    “This town does not have the resources to assign to issues … blah blah … without substance or foundation.”
    well, if only that was true…

    “without substance or foundation” — heck, that reminds me of the “road that Stead built”…

  2. The character that keeps popping into our head when we think of the mayor is the Wizard of Oz.

    If Mr. Becker brings his questions to Council as he says his lawyer has advised, then indeed Town Council meetings are “about to get a lot more interesting.”

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