None of the above

You know those multiple choice questions we often get, on a test, on an exam, or in a poll, the ones where often one choice is “none of the above”? Well, a group of Canadian voters is apparently appealing to Elections Canada to have that alternative on the ballot for the next election.

This group is going further; if their suggestion/demand isn’t heeded (which we suspect it won’t be) they threaten to strike their names from the voters list.

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Don’t know if we would go that far but we kinda like the idea, since we felt we really didn’t have a good choice the last time we voted.  If people had this choice maybe those who could vote but don’t usually, might be tempted into the ballot box. Their votes wouldn’t count towards any candidate but the extent of voter discontent could be at least partly measured. Maybe then parties would make more effort to get quality candidates.

What do you think?

There’s a NOTA ( None of the Above) group on facebook you might want to join if you are interested. This may be the same group.

A true protest party without boarders. A Party that the 45% of Canada can really get behind! Dedicated to the search for more and better quality candidates and not puppets and party hacks placed in riding’s from the leaders of the main parties.
DID YOU EVER GET TO THE BOOTH AND THINK, HMMMM ALL OF THE CHOICES ARE BAD? Well, no longer! Exercise your right to protest and help maintain democracy through-out Canada!



One response to “None of the above

  1. I think we should all be allowed to cast an opinion on each candidate. We could have the options of voting:
    1 for the candidate
    0 don’t care
    -1 against the candidate
    The candidate with the highest total gets elected as teh representative.

    If the representative has a negative total, we take the square root — and get an imaginary representative.