Road rage II

Have you driven on Sherwood Drive recently? If you don’t have to, don’t. It is almost as bad as Main St.  You could lose a large African mammal in some of the potholes. The road is literally falling apart. The lower part of the street was “reconstructed”  (we use the term loosely) only a few months ago. You know, coincidently just after that rash of tool thefts from homes and outbuildings in the neighbourhood.

We asked the question at the time if this was a quality firm contracted to do the work and now our suspicions seem confirmed with this poor work and we are disgusted at the waste of our money yet again. But this is what is to be expected if a Town a) chooses a firm without a good rep and/or b) doesn’t have good specifications in the contract. 
The Town is aware of  what they call “deficiencies” as this notice to area residents is on the Town website.

The Town recently completed reconstruction of Sherwood Drive between Main Street and Alline Street. This is the first phase of the complete reconstruction of Sherwood Drive. The remaining section between Alline and Pleasant Street is scheduled to be completed this summer.

Soon after work was completed on the first phase, deficiencies with the base asphalt were identified. The base asphalt is the first layer of asphalt placed. The second seal course of asphalt is scheduled to be placed this year. The Town is working with our consultants CBCL and the contractor Mid Valley Construction to identify the reason for the failure and the corrective action needed to be taken.

The Town has withheld payment for this contract item until the cause has been identified and the deficiencies addressed. These repairs will be completed prior to the seal asphalt being placed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and want to assure residents that we are working to correct the problem and ensure all work is completed in accordance with the contract.

If you have any questions with respect to the work completed or scheduled on Sherwood Drive please contact me at 542 3960

Kevin Kerr, P. Eng.
Director of Public Works

We don’t know why Sherwood Drive residents aren’t up in arms [maybe they are and we just haven’t heard them from here] But we ask, if they get the same people to fix it as they got to do the work in the first place then do we really expect a quality result? And will they go with the same firm to complete phase II? Sadly we expect they will and we will pour more money down a pothole.

This is not the first occasion of shoddy work in town. One of our first posts was about the corduroy road at the top of Gaspereau.

Is this how the infrastructure stimulus money will be spent wasted?

Proper paving is possible. Ask Mr. Irving who he got to do the work by the Irving Centre.

Quotation of the day:

There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey.
John Ruskin


3 responses to “Road rage II

  1. Not getting that second layer of asphalt on before winter was just a crying shame. I guess the Mayor and his henchmen were so busy playing “sustainability” that they clean forgot to keep an eye on core business. Taxpayers, our fate is sealed…

    Nice curbing, nonetheless.

  2. The Town may have taken the lowest bid ..
    It seems that this company expects to get the work by putting in low bids. Not sure that the lowest bid is the way to go.

  3. Larry Lynch

    The Town will soon have its “sustainability” committee in action, albeit regrettably hampered by a certain member of town council with bully tactics (copying Mr. Wrye) who I fear may try to keep the committee busy on minor side issues.
    But here we have a real live, down to earth “sustainability” issue to be investigated and reported on – how to “sustain” our tax money, “sustain” the streets for more than six months, etc.
    I would very much like to know:
    1) Do we not vet bidders and select only those who have proven they do good work? The cheapest bid all too often costs the most in the end.
    2) Do we hold a contract bond? If we’re dealing with a financially shaky contractor on a large project a bond should be requred.
    3) How much money have we held back on this disgraceful piece of work and what percentage does it represent of that phase of the contract?
    4) This is a large project. Does the Town attach boiler plate terms and conditions to every such contract to protect itself? Does it enforce them? In this case, do the terms include when drawdowns may be granted, on what terms and approved by whom? If someone is letting us down, whether in writing contracts or overseeing them, then it’s time to hire someone else.
    5) If we have advanced money on work that is not satisfactory, and if we have not held back enough money to complete the work, is it any wonder the electors are screaming about rising taxes because their money is being squandered?
    Meanwhile contractors are laughing behind their hand.