Getting Real

We can fool ourselves only for so long. Wishful thinking only goes so far. Reality hits home eventually and the cartoon in the CH on Saturday captured this truth in a few well drawn lines.

Ignatieff is facing these oily truths as he campaigned in the west [although not mentioning it in Halifax].

Liberal Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff says supporting the oilsands is a question of national unity and no country in the world would ignore such a valuable resource.

“The oilsands are an integral part of the future of Canada,” Ignatieff told a business crowd in Edmonton on Friday.

“No other country in the word would toss away this advantage.”

And here is a truth Obama must also face. The US needs Canada’s oil.

This interactive map shows how US sources have changed over time.


Set it running and notice the growth of Canada as a source as the years roll by.

HT Map of the week

They want to dye it green like the beer on St. Patrick’s Day but they can’t get past the reality. Reality dispels fantasy in the end.

Later: Harper to the US:

“We are your biggest trading partner by far and biggest supplier of energy products, which are pretty critical.” (Canada is the U.S.’s largest supplier of crude oil and natural gas.) emph ours


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