Shovel ready!

We love Ramirez cartoons and have often wanted to include them in posts but resisted as they are, after all, HIS cartoons. The one for Feb. 20th is no exception. This time we will display it here with a link to his others and hope he won’t mind. While created as comment on the American situation it applies here as well.

toon022009While on the topic of cartoons: Whatever happened to that case against Bruce MacKinnon and the Chronicle Herald? You know the complaint brought to the NS Human Right Commission  by Ziaullah Khan, director of the Centre for Islamic Development,  which said Muslims were offended by this cartoon?  Seems that should be resolved by now. Even if Bruce and CH win, it probably cost them a mint to defend against the charge of committing a hate crime while we pay for Zia’s day in court.

We just wish everyone would lighten up with the cartoon phobia. Seems this one is seen as racist too. Now had it been Bush or McCain who signed the stimulus package would there have been a howl? Don’t think so. If everyone is going to be so sensitive about Obama well -It’s already not easy being a politcal cartoonist these days.

2 responses to “Shovel ready!

  1. I thought the HRC had backed off.

    “Shovel ready projects” — Is that what passes for political vision now days…

  2. Can she really do that? We had been watching for some official decision. But as Ezra said:

    over a coffee break, the chief kangaroo of the HRC casually, informally, just-making-chit-chat, told two non-parties that the charges against the Chronicle-Herald and MacKinnon would be dropped.

    That’s not justice. That’s an out-of-control, lawless, rogue gossip, who no doubt uttered that acquittal as if it were some whimsical gift from a monarch to her lucky subjects. …

    Real judges don’t decide cases over coffee with non-parties.

    Real judges don’t substitute chatty gossip for legal rulings.

    Real judges follow rules. Real judges respect confidentiality; respect legal standing; understand that the power they wield is not their own, but power entrusted in a civic office with strict rules. …

    If Krista Daley were a real judge, she’d be hauled before the judicial council for discipline.

    But she’s not a real judge. She has no rules — so she can’t break them.

    She’ll violate every norm of justice in the pursuit of her utopia.

    What an embarrassment to Nova Scotia.