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You may remember our post on the “O Canada” decision of a certain principal at a certain school in NB and posts and stories elsewhere on the issue.  He, the principal,  doesn’t like the consequences of his  decision ( a loud outcry from parents locally and then Canadians all over) but is unwilling to face the obvious fact that he goofed big time and say so. He immediately went on stress leave – poor guy- and is now surfacing with complaints. He has gone crying to the CBC which, of course, has willingly trumpeted his victimhood to all and sundry via their taxpayer funded platform. It’s all our  fault. We got it wrong he and CBC says.

Charles Adler is as scathing in public as we are in private about not only this weakling principal  (hardly a role model for our children) but also the LBC [the Left’s Broadcasting Corp]. Here are some of the highlights …

It’s the continuing story of the CBC versus Canada. … CBC versus the Tories. CBC versus ordinary Canadians who love their National Anthem. By now you know how the story played on the National this week. In some highly self-promoted CBC exclusive, the public broadcaster went Soprano again on the Conservatives. Those nasty Tories, responsible for so much human carnage, as the story went, deliberately misled the country into thinking that a principal of a high school in small town New Brunswick had banned the playing of Oh Canada. Because the Tories used the word ban which was taken right out of the headlines of local maritime newspapers and local CBC headlines, because the Tories in the House of Commons used that word ban, the principal received very ugly email from all over the country and even death threats.

The poor man, we are told by the CBC, collapsed under the strain. God help him if he had had a real crisis at the school- like a bullied student with a machine gun and a chip on his shoulder.

He had to get his phone number changed. He is now on a mental health leave, spending some time with a psychologist and is afraid of going back to teaching again. That’s how the story played on the CBC, a Ten Minute Mini-Documentary, called Principal with Principles. We had Susan Ormiston, the reporter, on our show and she tried to explain how the Principal was unfairly attacked by the Tories and others because the public thought Oh Canada had been banned when in fact it was only moved. Moved from the daily morning ritual to a monthly ritual at student assemblies. If the public had known this, in the opinion of the CBC which just happens to coincide with the principal’s opinion, there would have been no muss and no fuss and no nasty emails about the principal to my show or any other show. …

Emph. ours. We didn’t use the word  ban when we posted about this story. We were quite clear that the principal stopped the playing of the anthem every morning and only allowed it for occasional playing, moved it in the CBC’s euphemism. And we got that from the press and other reports. We want to proclaim loudly that our protest was not based on a misunderstanding, no matter what the CBC says!  And Adler points this out.

The problem with the CBC’s revelation and the principal’s explanation was that it was MISLEADING.

We would go further and say the CBC must have known they, and the principal,  were being deceptive.

Many shows including this one and virtually all the newspaper pieces and wire service pieces said the principal had decided to have the anthem played once a month in an assembly as opposed to every morning on the PA system. …

But the CBC does this all the time. This kind of twisting of the facts  is nothing new but we suppose there are still some who have not learned this lesson about our pub[ ]ic broadcaster. Adler tries to enlighten them.

First, you must understand the agenda which is transparent to anyone who has been watching for years. Like every good spaghetti western, there is a hero and a villain.

The spaghetti at the CBC is always the same. The Villain is the Conservative. It could be the Conservative party, their leader, their followers, anybody that is in anyway connected to them. They are the villains of the piece….

Who are the heroes? Their victims. On different nights, you have different victims…. Now if you still want me to give you a quick clinic on how to know when you are being snowed, simply ask yourself this question. What is the CBC doing to corroborate their case, to bring real compelling evidence that their desired conclusion is correct? You know they are always going to put the Conservatives in the worst possible light. Forget about that. Just focus on how they portray the victim and whether or not they have anything of substance to make the victim credible, believable.

Here is where we differ with Adler. He says that they bring no evidence to support their view. Yes, in this case they didn’t. No parents, no staff, no townsfolk to side with the poor principal who was so misunderstood. In this case perhaps they couldn’t find even one who was willing to go on national tv and stand with him against the national anthem. But if they had found just one, only one, to support him they would have brought  that person on in support and no others. That’s what we pay them a billion  bucks a year for.

2 responses to “Principal principles

  1. O Canada — OK, but…

    Ode to Newfoundland — absolutely beautiful!

    I vote we swipe the Newfoundland Provincial anthem for the rest of Canada.

    Of course, it still has some troublesome mention of that God character… As a card-carrying atheist, I just treat the God stuff in these things as a metaphor for good will between (wo)men — no problemo

    I guess the Principal was so constrained by Education Theory and bureaucratic nonsensical-regulation that a creative solution would have been out of the question…

  2. Yes, very pretty. But we are sure Danny wouldn’t give it up!

    Looking this up we found that Nova Scotia doesn’t have an official provincial anthem, as far as we could determine The unofficial one is probably this one. “She’s called Nova Scotia”