An idea for the RCMP

We understand how difficult it is for the RCMP to give the level of policing we expect. How is this for an idea. Cardboard cops! It is apparently the latest thing in policing from across the pond. Although the expense initially seems steep (between $25 and $60 a pop cop) , think what it might save in the long run if it works?


Royal Canadian Mounted might have a whole new meaning. Which officers would be replicated might be an issue. There perhaps could be an RCMP idol  run off! Vote for your favourite cop on the beat.

There are a few downsides we could foresee. Inclement weather- rain, wind and snow- might preclude outside installation. And they  might be very  popular among the college set as room decor, as a change from street signs and garden gnomes.

Several forces admitted to having suffered the theft of cut-outs. Three went missing from filling stations in Derbyshire in the past two years, while two were stolen in Cleveland.

Humberside reported the theft of one cardboard officer, which disappeared from a Tesco supermarket in Grimsby last November.

A spokesman for West Midlands police, which had the highest spending on cut-outs, said that some of the money would be reclaimed from shops which benefited from the scheme, but could not say how much had been recouped so far.

But at least we would have an appearance of police presence. And that’s what counts around here, right?


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