Casey’s case -bumped

Further update Feb. 5th: We checked. Frank had a story Oct/Nov. on an investigation by Elections Canada into the Casey money.  [See Frank 545] Casey knew about it, it appears.

So Casey’s outrage in the House was an act.


Update:  This would have come to nothing and no one would have known about it if La Presse and Casey himself hadn’t exposed it. Some are saying that Casey knew about this investigation a while ago (contrary to what he said in the House) and that there was a story in Frank magazine which he laughed at.  If this is true ( it is checkable) then what is Casey on about? Who is smearing who?

A comment on this story in the CH:

Dinkydog wrote:
Casey knew all this last fall. It was in Frank magazine. He laughed and joked about it then. The statement that he just found about this is wrong. Why was this a joke last fall and now such a attack on him….this man needs to move on with his life


Hmmm. Casey is doing his best to defend himself and even Stephen Taylor is standing up for him. Here’s the one half of the story.

The other half is that he apparently paid it back and the Conservatives at the Fed. level know he did.

During the previous election campaign, on October 10th, I received a “brown envelope” email from someone I presumed (and still do) to be a constituent of Bill Casey. The email made quite an accusation of corruption against the now-independent member from Cumberland-Colchester. The email promised proof of this corruption to be sent via fax …

If the Conservatives wanted to just smear Casey they would have done it during the campaign. So who is raising this now and why? Did nobody call off the RCMP?


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