Danny’s party

We just wish Danny would cross the floor and be done with it. He wants to be a Liberal. He’s telling the Liberal MPs what to do and he has burned all his bridges in the Conservative Party so what is he waiting for? He should talk to Scott; he’ll tell him it isn’t that hard to do. And forget this PC garbage talk. The PC party is dead except in the minds of some Liberals.

It will be interesting to see what Ignatieff does with his rebellious members. If he “punishes”  them as Harper did Casey will there be the same howl?

We hope Danny doesn’t decide to visit a relative in Alberta. If they recognise him there …well, we think he might get more than an earful.

Later: Serenity Now, Danny!


The tale of Danny Williams’ positions on Equalization since 2003 has more twists and turns in it than a road along Newfoundland’s rugged coastline, and the feisty Premier has followed every one doubling back on himself countless times in five short years.

Actually, the O’Brien 50% formula is good this time only because it apparently allows the 1985 Atlantic Accord – the real Atlantic Accord – to unlock more cash for the provincial coffers.

But Danny wasn’t always in love with the 1985 Accord.

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Now if you really want to get a sense of how much a problem this Equalization thing isn’t, bear in mind that under the Equalization program there have always been provisions that shield a province against catastrophic drops in Equalization from year to year.

If that wasn’t enough, since 1994 Newfoundland and Labrador has had the ability to chose an Equalization option retro-actively to always ensure that it gets the one which gives the most cash. In a month’s time – March 1 to be precise – the provincial finance minister can pick which Equalization option delivers the most cash for the year that is almost over.  And then next year, he gets to chose again based on actual experience for the year that is already past.

That too makes this whole thing a bit premature if not downright silly. [link]


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