The underground economy

The CRA [That’s the Canadian Revenue Agency] is concerned about the underground economy. That’s tax avoidance. They have a video about it on You Tube  and they challenge us to explore the problem with our own video and they offer prizes.

Do you think we should respond? Should we show up at the Wolfville Farm Market with our video camera asking for receipts which show the hst? Should we ask if the vendors (and businesses) declare this portion of their revenue? We might catch David Morse and Mark Parent in the lense  following up on their promotion of a “buy local” campaign. We could ask them. Speak into the microphone please. “Does this business – or perhaps now cooperative-pay municipal business tax?”

Yes, we noticed the Farmers Market is now calling themselves a cooperative. Maybe they are now, and like the Acadia cinema they will get grants to operate [tax money from our other tax pocket] and build a “home” for themselves, government money encouraging the underground economy.

Does the town care.?No, as long as they see new business coming in to fill the empty store fronts they don’t care if those businesses actually succeed and stick around. The mayor brags that there are always businesses willing to try to make a go of it in Wolfville.

Does NS Revenue Dept . [the left hand] know what the NS  Dept of Agriculture [the right hand] is doing? Do they care? Is it only those pesky Feds [blame it on Harper]? Do the Feds  really care? They don’t mention what the prizes are for the video.

Actually our wish is that Wolfville could be a tax free zone. Now that would be a municipal first. Then all Wolfville businesses would be on equal footing. Until then we’ll continue to shake our heads at the unfairness and the stupidity of it all.

2 responses to “The underground economy

  1. We agree that it is NOT fair and it is stupid. But if you were a politician would you go to the FM and be seen by all, or buy in a local shop and pay the tax and NOT be seen. The FM is sacred in town, they probably get more people than the church services.
    You will see more stores close.

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