Obama – Lord of the Dance

UPDATE Jan 23 : And apparently it was prerecorded.

We suppose many of you were watching the Obama Inauguration. So were we. How could we not? It’s history right? Anyway, we listened to the speech and the prayers and the terrible poetry and then ah… Itzhak Perlman and Yo Yo Ma. Here was something worth listening to. A John Williams composition arrangement. You know Superman, Star Wars… then we listened with increasing incredulity.

Others must have noticed the similarity between this composition -“Air and Simple Gifts” , and “Lord of the Dance“? Starts to be really noticeable at about 2 min in.

Lots of versions of Lord of the Dance on You Tube including Michael Flatley’s

We expect there is a message in this theme Williams used. Later: Apparently both pieces are based on an old shaker tune by Joseph Brackett.


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