Look out for the Look Off survey

Another visioning effort is underway! Imagine you are at the Look Off years and years from now- if you should live so long- looking down on Kings Co. What would you like to see?

The Co. of Kings is doing a resident survey and Wolfvillians are invited to participate along with the other towns in the Co. There is a link on the ToW website to the Look off 2030 website:

Kings County is a very special place to the people who live and work here as well as to the many visitors who enjoy its beauty and the services it offers.  Our municipal council, through the LookOff 2030 initiative, is seeking to establish a long term vision that will help us to preserve and improve upon the qualities that make this a special place.

Early in 2009, we are conducting a resident survey that will be a key ingredient in identifying the concerns and priorities that will shape this vision.  All residents are encouraged to complete this survey in order to ensure that your opinions become part of this vision for 2030 and beyond.

With the click of the mouse, you can help us all to “LookOff” to the future!  And, to encourage you to take part, you will be eligible for a draw to win a dinner for two. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by February 15, 2009.

You can complete the survey online or download a paper version.

The first question is very motherhood and apple pie- a list of some 20 things none of which most people wouldn’t want- cleaner rivers, more jobs, more young people, less pollution, more parks, more arts and cultural opportunities, etc. etc.  Then it asks about sustainability- what phrase pops into your head when you hear the word? Doesn’t ask whether you agree with the phrase that pops into your head but at least it does include “it is just a buzz word” among the options.

Then it goes into the different kinds of sustainability- environmental, social and economic, asking you to rank different issues in order of importance to you.

While some of the questions are very broad and open to interpretation  it does seem to be a more focused and balanced survey than the one done in Wolfville [which was put together by eco-action people  and which gave few options for answers other than the ones wanted by the framers of the survey!] And it doesn’t ask you what car you drive.

We encourage our readers to participate if they live in Kings Co. or in one of its municipal units.  Why not? You could win a dinner for two

…at restaurants located in Western, Central, and Eastern Kings County (or cash equivalent of $100.)

We do see a major flaw. We could take the survey twice! Or three or four or five times I suppose. We don’t know whether this would increase our chances at the draw or not, but in any case shouldn’t there be some limit?

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