Editorial squeak

The editorial in the Chronicle Herald this morning surprised.

…the CJC was right to call on those groups which organized the rallies to condemn the extreme speech generated by some participants.

Canadian political leaders were also conspicuous by their failure to speak out and strongly condemn the anti-Semitic nature of some parts of the protest marches.

For example, chants of Hezbollah flag-waving protesters – carrying the symbol of an organization formally banned by Canada as a terrorist entity – urging the Lebanon-based group to wipe out the entire state of Israel go far beyond protesting Israel’s actions in Gaza. Signs equating the Jewish religion’s central symbol, the Star of David, with the Nazi swastika carry more than a hint of hatred for everyone of the Jewish faith.

That’s anti-Semitism, and our country’s leaders should have been quick to condemn it as such.

This is the kind of thing the editor is referring to.

And this.

This editorial on top of  the one not long ago denouncing  Sid Ryan’s ludicrous proposal of academic thought control makes one wonder if the CH is trying to get its conservative readers ( and advertisers?) back to the fold. Probably not. We expect it is just a nod to “balance”, a mouse sent out to drown out the sound of the elephant. Nevertheless we expect it will attract outrage from the usual quarters.

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