Now here’s an invitation.

The Acadia Poli-Sci Association [who dat?] is inviting “everyone and anyone”  to “witness history in the making” [cliche’s are not out of style we see. They mean Obama’s inauguration] at Joe’s on Tuesday the 20th.

“good food, great company [how can they tell? We might go for example!] and of course politics.”

Educational and so much better than a stuffy classroom right? They don’t mention drinks but we expect Joe is expecting the attendees will get thirsty with all that good company and good food and politics.

We asked around and we gather we will have to pay for our own good food and drink. The Acadia Political Association is only suggesting we, all and sundry, join them. The company and politics is free but we get no bailouts.

Kenyan officials will be watching on TV but spending to come to Washington anyway.

A Kenyan ex-minister has given a TV to officials going to the US for Barack Obama’s inauguration, saying they should watch the ceremony at home.

Kalembe Ndile said the trip was a waste of taxpayers’ money, especially as the delegation has not been invited and so would watch it from their hotel rooms.

The row comes as Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki asks for international assistance to cope with food shortages.

Meanwhile one columnist asks:

Is it me, or are we — the Canadian media, that is — behaving like a bunch of trained seals, barking and clapping our hands for a morsel of fish?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Barack Obama. I think he’ll be way better as president than the other guy would have been. Obama is young, smart and inspiring. New generation of leaders, America’s first black head of state, all that. Wonderful.

But really, the spin and fuss about the new guy’s coming inauguration, particularly in Canada, is becoming more than a little nauseating. Have we no shame?…

Ah but don’t be a curmudgeon, I hear the Obamamaniacs mutter. Once Obama gets elected there will be plenty of money washing around. That’s because Obama plans to massively cut taxes and massively increase spending, at the same time. In Obama’s new world order even the bailouts will get bailouts.


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