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UPDATE: 13 Jan.

National CUPE Pres. weighs in with this statement:


CUPE National would like to state its position on the January 2, 2009 media release by CUPE Ontario announcing a plan to introduce a resolution to ban Israeli academics from Ontario universities unless they condemn the “assault on Gaza.”

As the national president of Canada’s largest union, with over 580,000 members, I can say that none of CUPE’s over 2,000 chartered bodies – including CUPE Ontario – have adopted such a resolution. I believe such a resolution is wrong and would violate the anti-discrimination standards set out in the CUPE Constitution. I will be using my influence in any debates on such a resolution to oppose its adoption. …



This is a University Town so we can imagine the discussion that is taking place on the Acadia campus among students [The The Ath is due for another issue]  and among professors too about Sid Ryan’s academic pronouncments. [What degree does Sid have we wonder].

This Dubliner, resident in Canada less than 35 years, has some definite things to say about how Canadians are educated. They shouldn’t have Israeli professors, unless of course they have been vetted by the thought police (approved by  Sid?) for politically correct views (as decreed by Sid?).

“”In response to an appeal from the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees, we are ready to say Israeli academics should not be on our campuses unless they explicitly condemn the university bombing and the assault on Gaza in general,” said Sid Ryan, president of CUPE Ontario.”

We would like to ask Sid who is an Israeli?  How long does he have to be in Canada before he is no longer Israeli? [Are you Irish Sid?] And is a Jewish professor also obliged to condemn Israel? And how about the Catholic professor who might just support the retaliation against Hamas? Is he excused? Does it matter what subject the Israeli teaches?    Time to take a sensitivity course, Sid! And a thinking course too.

Sid’s ideas are so extreme that even the editor of the Chronicle Herald has called them “out to lunch”

Mr. Ryan’s meddling is wrong-headed, on multiple levels.

As many in Ontario academia have pointed out in denouncing Mr. Ryan’s plan, the proposal violates the essence of the concept of academic freedom. By demanding adherence to a particular political point of view, with a professor’s job hanging in the balance, CUPE’s stated goal runs counter to the core mission of institutions of higher learning: promoting free academic inquiry.

Sid claims he is not a bigot. And he claims he is not raising money for Sinn Fein.

Whatever. He’s an eedjit.

Later: Theres a “stop Sid” petition [ There’s always a petition-we wonder, do they do any good?]


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