Wolfville’s New Year’s Levee

Wondering about the Town’s New Year’s Levee. Invitations went out so it is planned but an invitation does not appear on the Town Website  nor is it noted in the calendar. Well, a website is only as good as those responsible for keeping it up to date. This could be one of the Town’s New Year’s resolutions?

Later: Communication is definitely not the Town’s strong point, is it? There was no notice on the website, there was no notice on either the Town Hall door or the Hall door. The Town Hall sign still said “Join us at the St. John’s Hall for the New Years Levee.” We saw people trying the door of the Hall and walking away so we  weren’t surprised to find it locked and we knew we weren’t the only ones uninformed. How hard would it be for someone to write at least  “Sorry,  cancelled due to the storm” on a notice at  the Hall door.

We would like to know whose decision this was. The mayor’s? And why? If he was trying to save people’s lives cancelling is no good unless you let people know in good time. If the food has been ordered you might as well hold it anyway and see who comes. A number of people could get there walking, which is, they say, to be encouraged in this town.

Ah, well the chowder at the Acadia levee may be a consolation if they aren’t watering it down.

Later again: That was cancelled too. No sign on the door there either. They must have depended on radio [AVR???] to get the word out. Pffffff.


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