Looking back again

It is traditional at this time of year to do a bit of a review.
On Dec. 31, 2005 we looked back on our 9 months of posts and picked out 19 to link to and to highlight.  Since it may be of interest to newer readers we have updated the links on that post [which had died when we moved to a new blog host- from blog harbour to word press]. Take a look; perhaps you will notice as we did how many of the posts are still pertinent.

On January 2, 2007, we posted some new year’s resolutions for this blog. You can tell us whether you think we fulfilled them. Again the links were dead [same reason] but we have taken the time to refresh them from the  old blog harbour posts we imported to word press. [So after all that trouble we hope you follow at least some of them].

On Dec. 31 2007 we ushered in 2008 with a list of ten tacky products. [I didn’t have to refresh these links- yay!]

Which brings us to a new year -2009. We  have tired to give voice to opinions that merit it but get less attention than they get elsewhere. Here are a few samples from the past year that cover the variety of issues that garner our interest.

Assessment decline – Jan 2008

Railtown- Feb. 2008

More on the smoking wars – March 2008

R1 elimination – April 2008

Acadia stuff – May 2008

Lightbulbs and the environment- June 2008

Following Frank – July 2008

Policing-August 2008

The Municipal election-Sept 2008

Mr. Becker and the CAO contract issue-Oct. 2008

Local murder-Nov. 2008

Weather and climate- Dec. 2008

Hope you have found us thought provoking if nothing else.

PS- we have moved a few things around in the right and left sidebars. We’re sure you can find your way around.


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