Danny knows, you know?

If Caroline Kennedy had been picked for VP on the Obama ticket (not beyond imagination if you think back on things) would she have been ridiculed as Sarah Palin was? The media would say sure, see how we are slamming Caroline for, you know, her ” you know” insertions. But the circumstances are different. This is only a Senatorial seat and there are a host of contenders and she doesn’t have Obama’s fickle finger of fate behind her. So the media can be merciless.

Someone asked ” Where is Canada’s Obama?” [ Some were saying it was Trudeau GRHS].  I don’t think anyone is asking “Where is Canada’s Caroline Kennedy?”  BUT someone has noticed that she has a trait in common with Danny Williams. Verbal tics.

Closer to home, Bond Papers noted some time ago a tendency the Premier has to use the “you know” tick.  There were 11 in a 42 second clip at the front end of a CBC interview with the majority being within the first 12 seconds. On that occasion, the Premier tossed in another of his favourite tics – “quite frankly” and added a “right” just for good measure.

Here’s a sample that Ed Hollett of Bond Papers quotes:

Night Line (October):

And, you know, there are issues that are very, very important to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and we look at the economy and we look at where the American economy is going and Minister Flaherty was on last week and the Prime Minister is out saying oh no, we don’t have to worry in Canada, everything is fabulous, everything is wonderful. But, you know, we have to realize that, you know, we do have a direct link to that American economy and if that tanks at some point in time, then, you know, we are vulnerable.

and, and, and, and , you know?

A verbal tick like that one stands out even more when it comes as part of a relatively short sentence like one of the Premier’s responses to a question at Cameron:  “You know, do we still know?”

Yep, we know.


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