Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

As everyone pretty well from east to west digs out and bundles up we just want to remind you about what many have been saying, and we have been reporting, for some time now.

First we have the interplanetary magnetic field that took an abrupt dive in October 2005 and has not recovered since and remains at very low level:

Then we have the recent discovery that the ionosphere has dropped in altitude to unexpected and unexplained low levels.

We have a solar cycle 24 (driven by the solar magnetic dynamo) which can’t seem to get out of the starting gate, being a year late with forecasts for activity from it being revised again and again.

And finally we have this, this discovery that Earth’s magnetic field can be ripped open and our atmosphere laid bare to the solar wind, much like Mars.

Magnetism is underrated in the grand scheme of things, in my opinion. We’d do well to pay more attention to magnetic trends in our corner of the universe and what effects it has on Earthly climate. [link to source]

But the effort to link supposed global warming to mankind knows no bounds. Push it back to 5000 years ago- why not!

But will we see CO2 actually dropping as temperatures cool? We might . Will Al Gore take the credit ? Sure!


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