Restaurant check

We’ve been wanting to comment for some time on the NS Food Safety reports on restaurants in the province since they have gone online for ordinary Joes like us to see.  Finally got around to it and took a gander at our local chow shops as the inspectors finally have gotten round to our neck of the woods.

Wolfville has 15 reports on-line. Several Acadia sites have been inspected including Momo’s. Here is the Anvil’s from July ( it must have been one of the first done) and  Acton’s report completed Oct. 29th the same date as The Tempest’s  but Acton’s is in complience as of November.  Chris’ Pizzaria had a long list ; among several deficiencies it didn’t have a license to operate! Taj Mahal’s report wasn’t that bad. Don’t think that is why it closed.

Not sure why Paddy’s isn’t on the list.

Going a little further afield –

Even lighting seems to be an issue. At Avery’s farm market LED lights won’t cut the mustard. Guess safety trumps sustainability, what?

This one in Windsor has a few issues to deal with including “ASHTRAYS OBSERVED IN AREA WHERE SMOKING IS PROHIBITED.”

Later: Sorry about the links. Guess you will have to do your own searches.

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