Danny has a fan

Here are the thoughts of a Danny Williams fan comparing his illustrious leader to Obama.

Like our leader Danny Williams, Barack Obama is leading his country over to a new home plate and a fresh new baseline. Both their elections as leaders signaled we were waking up to a different country. The struggle for equality in a union that for too long held its ordinary citizens back is about to face an era of extreme, yes we can, change in attitude. There will be no room for a strike out.

He praises the ABC campaign calling it bold.

The boldness of the ABC campaign resulted in a psychological victory. But perhaps more important than that was the message sent to Ottawa that things here have changed too, even if it meant sending seven (Opposition) Liberals to Ottawa. These were more than mere votes – and more than seats in the House of Commons. They were votes that proved the trust and respect Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have for our leader and the solid belief in one another to work together for a common good. They were votes that represented a collective “we aren’t taking it anymore Mr. Harper,” attitude clear across the province.
The election was a proud time for Williams, and like Obama, a victory for his determination as one who must lead and inspire in hard economic times and near impossible political odds.
Obama led with “yes we can” and Williams with his now infamous ABC (Anything but Conservative) campaign.

Guess he wasn’t one of the ones who had to be bullied into line in the campaign of intimidation  and fear which Robert Fife reported on.

Bold alright. Danny’s fan perhaps hasn’t heard about that.

In ways we Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are often treated unfairly and with an attitude similar to that shown towards blacks in the U.S. While I realize I am using these scenarios as metaphors, the similarities can be seen in the length of time this has been going on. For us it dates back to way before Confederation, while for the blacks in America, since their ancestors arrived on the slave ships from Africa.
I am so tired of the term Newfie and Newfie jokes. I am so tired with those damn demeaning screech-ins and the “how’s she goin’ old cock” greeting frequently used by mainlanders when saying hello to us. I am so fed up with the damn “have not” and sucking the hind tit of Ottawa attitude towards our province. Whenever I hear the reference to us as “you guys down east” or worse again “you guys out on the rock,” I fume up with anger!

We kindda thought it was silly ourselves but whenever we went to Newfoundalnd the locals insisted we go through this nonsense, kissing the cod, the screech, the whole rigamaroll.  We humoured them and now we hear they hate it? Who knew? And we know Newfies [actually we have some in the family – ahem] and they are the ones who tell us all the jokes. And as for the sucking the hind tit -yeah we are pretty fed up with that too so quit it why don’t you. But now that Newfoundland may have something to share with the new ‘have nots’, well the tune has changed hasn’t it?

But I am thinking this guy isn’t real typical. As he tells us  himself , there are others whose brains haven’t turned to mush-

I was discussing with a friend from Grand Falls my belief in Danny William’s leadership. He was crapping all over the premier.
“Do you mean to tell me that Danny’s interference with the recent Royal Commission looking into the breast cancer fiasco was right?” he asked. “Didn’t his sucking up to Harper a few days after the election bother you? And, what about that nonsense about “the honeymoon is over” as he wrongfully attacked Lorraine Michael and Yvonne Jones in a speech he made from the podium at latest PC convention in Corner Brook?”
My friend is politically correct.
[whaa? ww]I somewhat agree with him but I reminded him again that to err is human, and even the new US president-elect Phenom Barack Obama has put his foot in his mouth a number of times during his recent climb to prominence.

Even Obama has erred. Wow. What an admission. And these two have so much in common that binds them together:

Williams is a celebrated scholar. [!]Obama is a celebrated scholar. Williams is a lawyer. Obama is too. Williams is a keen businessman. Obama is too. Williams in his own particular way is a skilled orator. Obama is too. Williams attracts voters like flies to honey. [or they lose their businesses? ww] Obama does the same.
Williams heads a province in need of real leadership and while obviously his job and his task is a far cry from leading the largest and many say the most powerful country on earth, the basics are the same. Choices that are made and hills that are climbed require the same political savvy whether they are thousands of miles apart or a few kilometres at home. Both leaders have it.

It must be the heat in Florida.



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