Is the world noticing, or not?

Is the Canadian constitutional crisis making a mark in International news or not? There seems to be a difference of opinion.

A CTV staff article with the headline

Upside to political crisis? People noticing Canada

says yes:

The answer is definitely more than usual (the usual not at all), and with a great amount of confusion about the Canadian political system…. [ just like Canadians -ww]

On The Huffington Post, former U.S ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg wrote a column entitled, “‘Prorogue Eh’ A coup in Ottawa?” in which he teaches Americans about Canadian politics in a Grade 5 teaching style and with a heaping helping of clichés.

Ginsberg mentions “loonies,” Mounties (spelled incorrectly), Molson beer and that’s just the opening paragraph….

A story from online magazine Slate begins: “A royal appointee shutting down Parliament; national cross-country protests; bloodthirsty accusations of treason and sedition. All the frictions of a new democracy. I hope they work it out in Thailand! No, welcome to Canadian politics in 2008.”

Wonkette, a Washington gossip website, called the crisis shocking because ” well-to-do white-nerd countries had supposedly given up on such uncouth measures as overthrowing the state. ”

Some foreign news sites had an up tick in interest in Canadian politics.

David Warren, on the other hand, is glad we aren’t getting that much. He finds it embarassing.

Good news: for at least till the time of filing this column, the rest of the world was still not following our constitutional crisis. As a once-proud Canadian who hopes to be proud again, eventually, I don’t want them to notice. We are family; this is a family affair. Fortunately for us, the rest of the world has enough crises of its own — and ours is rather complicated, and does not involve bloodshed (touch wood).

It is no doubt that the mess has reached papers in the English speaking world, whether they have legs is another thing,  but perhaps in any case it is nice change from stories about Canada like this one!

The BBC has nothing new that we could see since Dec. 5  but the Telegraph has this update with the headline

Canada’s opposition leader quits after botched power grab

There is always the daily show-

these gentle cannibals …  their outraged citizenry took to their too tidy streets

Provinces in Peril  and Provinces in Peril in decison  oh eh? this should make us Canadians proud eh?

I  didn’t know Celine Dion had a sister?

December 8, 2008…

Prime Minister Stephen Harper dissolves the Canadian Parliament. Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Aasif Mandvi debate Canada’s dependence on Great Britain.  …
The last thing you want in the US is Canada as a failed state!
Thanks Jack.

One response to “Is the world noticing, or not?

  1. Having lived and recently travelled outside of the country, I can assure you that Canada and its recent political dramatics are not on the international news radar.

    What is funny is how needy Canada seems to be for the attention.