Coalition polls -updated

We are going to highlight the results of the some polls taken recently because you won’t get to read about these in the Advertiser Chronicle Herald which doesn’t seem to want to report on them.

A new Praxicus poll of 1,000 Canadians … found that only 35 per cent of respondents believe the coalition should govern, while 55 per cent believe Mr. Harper’s government should continue in office. And if they are defeated, 52 per cent would prefer an election, while 38 per cent would then prefer the coalition take power. [ source -G&M  Dec. 5 ]

We mentioned before the CBC/ EKOS poll taken Dec. 2-3 –    [full version pdf]

Respondents in the two-day automated telephone survey conducted Tuesday and Wednesday were asked: “If an election were held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives received 44 per cent of respondents’ support, up from the 37.6 per cent support the Tories received in the federal election that returned them to Ottawa with another minority government just seven weeks ago. … Forty-seven per cent of respondents selected a Conservative government led by Harper as better able to manage the financial crunch, compared with 34 per cent who supported a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition government led by Dion.

EKOS on Prorogation, a poll taken Dec. 4    [full version – pdf]

Overall 45% support Parliament being shut down, 43% against, although support varies by region and by party affiliation.

Over half of the public -51% do not think that Stephen Harper should resign as a result of the events that have transpired and only 37% thinks he should resign.

There is strong support for the resignation of Stéphane Dion (60% support and only 24% oppose); even a majority of LPC voters think he should leave.

Regarding voter intention:


That support is better than at the last election.


We hate to see the demise of a once great party that were so fond of at one time and voted for more than once. Who will lead the Liberals out of the electoral wilderness into the promised land (and we don’t mean a coalition!) Manley maybe? Is he the only sane one left?

Mr. Manley dumps cold water on the idea of a coalition with the NDP, arguing the Liberals must instead offer to co-operate with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to cope with the economic crisis, and prepare for an election in case he doesn’t.

Confronted by a political crisis that was not of his making, Mr. Dion became an obstacle to his party, and to the opposition, in dealing with it. His weakness probably fuelled the Conservative hubris that led to this fiasco in the first place,” Mr. Manley writes. Mr. Manley argues it was “delusional at best” to believe that the public would want the recently defeated Mr. Dion as coalition prime minister.

Anyone who can bandy about the word “hubris” can’t be all bad.

Oddly there is no bets on chances of a coalition on Intrade.

We thought we would add our own poll to find out our readers views.

Later: Then there is the latest – even with new leaders it is a steep hill for the opposition.

Later: And another one- this one from Angus Reid with all kinds of hypotheticals.

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