We’re not used to being in opposition

That’s the quotation of the week! It was apparently Mr. Dion’s response to the late tape fiasco, which proves to us- as if we needed proof- that the Liberals need more time to get used to being in opposition and are not yet ready to lead the country especially with Layton and Duceppe’s “help”.

“We missed our deadline,” Moreau [Alphée Moreau, senior Liberal communication staffer]said. “The shot was not all that professional. It was soft-focused.”

CTV received angry emails within minutes of signing off. Some viewers thought CTV was ignoring the Liberal leader, while others thought Dion was purposely snubbing the network.

Some people blamed CTV. They thought they were doing another dirty on Dion, a la Steve Murphy. [Hmm wonder if there were retakes of that address?]

Dion’s coalition partners were both angry and embarrassed by the Liberal address.The NDP said Wednesday’s fiasco undermined the credibility of the coalition, CTV’s Robert Fife reported.

“I’m told that (Bloc Quebecois Leader) Gilles Duceppe ran into Mr. Dion in the elevator and asked ‘What the hell happened?’ and Mr. Dion said, ‘We’re not used to being in opposition,” Fife said.

The Liberals are so unused to opposition that they will do anything to get out of it.

Jean Lapierre, broadcast journalist and former Liberal MP, mocked the party’s video address.

This was the cheapest video. I don’t know if the Liberal party has financial problems, but they didn’t have to go to a high school kid to get their video made,” he said on CTV’s Mike Duffy Live.

“You ask people to forget about their normal TV show tonight. We did that on TVA.” A million people were waiting for a show called “La Poule aux oeufs d’or,” he said, adding “We didn’t even get the egg!”

They really need that $ 1.95 per vote people but 61% of Canadians think they shouldn’t have it from taxpayers even though Harper already backtracked on that [too bad]. Perhaps the Libs and Dippers should go asking the people who voted for them to give a toonie to the cause. We hope they passed the hat at those pro-coalition rallies.


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