Rally for Canada Halifax

Since you won’t see this advertised in the Chronicle Herald …. From one of our Conservative sources.
Please join your friends, neighbours and colleagues at the Rally for Canada.
The Halifax Rally will begin at 12 noon this Saturday, December 6th at Sackville Landing in downtown Halifax
(on Lower Water Street at Sackville Street near the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic)
Please bring placards, noisemakers and flags and join with thousands of people in 10 other Canadian cities to voice your opposition to this disaster for our country.
For more information visit the website www.rallyforcanada.ca
In addition:

A message from Jim David, Provincial Director, PC Party of Nova Scotia:

Here is a “Letter to the Editor” from Scott Armstrong, President of the PC Party of Nova Scotia

Dear Editor,

The Conservatives were recently elected, with a strengthened minority, to lead Canada through a difficult economic situation. The Liberals presented an alternative government, focused on a carbon tax plan, but were rejected. In fact, Dion’s Liberals achieved the worst showing by the Liberal Party in Canadian history. The NDP and Bloc never were serious contenders to form government.

But here we are, with the loser and the also-rans joining together to topple the Conservative government and take over the reins of power in Ottawa . With no platform. With no plan. With uncertain leadership. With not one single vote cast for a Liberal-Bloc-NDP coalition government.

I urge all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, to take action and contact their political representatives. Canadians clearly elected a Conservative minority government just six weeks ago. The leaders of the other political parties must respect that and not override the will of the people and change the outcome of an election to their liking.

While this coalition may be within the limits of the Constitution, it challenges all sensibility when a failed leader, rejected by his own party, can become Prime Minister by forging a secretive pact with a party that wishes to destroy the nation. No one voted for this. If the opposition want to bring down the government they should do so only on the expectation of a new election.

Scott Armstrong, President

Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia

Here are more ways to “Take a stand for Canadian democracy” as prepared by Adam Church , Secretary of the PC Party of Nova Scotia

In addition to the petition to Parliament linked below, there is also an online petition to Her Excellency the Governor General which would enable you to express your thoughts on the events in Ottawa this week: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/no-coalition.html.

You can also express your views in a number of online polls at websites such as these: www.theglobeandmail.com/, www.ctv.ca, www.thestar.com, www.guelphmercury.com, www.thespec.com, www.torontosun.com.

Finally, you may be interested in this television ad available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcgL-ovxGyY.

3 responses to “Rally for Canada Halifax

  1. I’m not sure how you share views with any article asking Canadians to stand up for “Canadian democracy,” playing off the general publics lack of knowledge when it comes to “Canadian Democracy”

    The coalition would be Canadian Democracy working! The Canadian Public didn’t vote for Stephan Harper. They voted for a member of parliament. Since we have a parliamentary system this means that Harper is only in power until the majority of the MPs feel he shouldn’t be. Very similar to how Harper was planning to oust Martin.

    In my opinion, it’s about time we had coalition governments in Canada. Our system is seriously flawed if the majority of Canadians vote left-center and we end up with a Right wing government.

  2. We gather that you expect every MP then to be allowed to vote his conscience and not be whipped into the party line?

    When Mr. Brison, our MP, was running for office here he didn’t mention joining a coalition and when the idea of a coalition was floated in the campaign the leader of his party specifically said Liberals would not be forming a coalition with the NDP because NDP policies would be ” damaging to the economy.”

    If every time there is not a majority result in an election there is a coalition of the losers, minority governments will be a thing of the past. Don’t like the thought of that and don’t think you would like it too, frankly. It is one of those things that as an idea sounds palatable- like bio fuel or carrot juice -but which doesn’t hold up on closer examination.

    Speaking of democracy. How do you like the idea of the Liberal leader being chosen by the Liberal caucus?

  3. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

    “Now, think about this. Of say 2,500 voters (over half of whom we are told didn’t vote) only 542 voted for Bob Stead, about 22% ( i.e. over 78% didn’t vote for him) . Isn’t democracy wonderful?”