Coalition nightmare

Pieced together from bits of weak parties we may get a monster of a government- a Frankenstein coalition. The thought of it is giving us nightmares. If you think Dion will be the leader, think again. The brains of the operation will be Duceppe (he is the smartest of the three) the mouthpiece will be Layton and Dion will just be looking on – until he is replaced with who knows who?


Ignatieff would be wise to hold off being part of this abomination. He should take a cue from McKenna.

And Manley . And if Romanow is in, he hasn’t told his wife.

Frank McKenna, deputy chairman of Toronto -Dominion Bank, had been asked to be part of the advisory group and declined because of his commitments to the bank, the newspaper said today, citing unidentified people close to him. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Manley said he hasn’t agreed to become a member.

The party said earlier this week the two men would be part of a financial advisory group to a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party as it tried to calm the business community. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin and former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow were also listed as members, the Globe said.

Martin and Romanow couldn’t be reached, the Globe said. Romanow’s wife said her husband was surprised he was mentioned as a member of the advisory panel, the paper said.

Later: As for how this patchwork creature would run things we already have an example.


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