Coalition? Does Dion understand?

There is a petition being circulated for those who are against the plan for a coalition government.

Later:  There is also a petition to the GG here (Thanks Mark!) It’s very busy- be patient

There will also be a rally in major cities across the country on Dec. 6th . The Halifax one will be at City Hall -or perhaps at the Waterfront? We are hearing different reports.

Of course you can also e-mail your MP and any other one you think should hear what you think, Especially Liberals.Tell them how stupid this idea is. Tell them its sour grapes, which is what it is. Power hunger and sour grapes.

Here are all the :Liberal MP e-mails;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The markets sure don’t like it.

Monte doesn’t like it [glad to see him back!]

Dion doesn’t like it -oops. Maybe he didn’t understand the question?


3 responses to “Coalition? Does Dion understand?

  1. A lame duck Liberal leader being declared our next prime minister … wondrous. And then when the Liberals select their next leader in May ’09, he will be installed as the next prime minister of Canada.

    That’s the “parliamentary system” that obviates democracy and the will of the people.

  2. What do these morons think they will gain……oh ya 1.95 per vote…….what about the next election?
    maybe they won’t get as many votes and then have to raise the trough money to compensate…What afarce

  3. A non partisan petition to the Governor General of Canada.

    Dedicated to “The Coalition”.

    Please see