Bill Casey “in the game”?

From the transcript and audio (part 2) of the NDP coalition strategy conference  call at Stephen Taylor:

What we really want is just to get Harper out and get the new group in because it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in, correct? Correct. So let’s stay on that track, and not start debating whether or not it’s twenty five percent change or fifteen percent change over here, let’s get them out, on the basis of unity not the basis of division. Somebody asked about Bill Casey, absolutely, in the game, uh, on confidentiality, we now have to get out and defend the idea of the coalition.

One response to “Bill Casey “in the game”?

  1. I didn’t vote for any of the three stooges. Interesting times one who wants to break up the country, one who wants to give it all ways and one whom I can’t understand, actually 2 I can’t understand. Good thing that Canada is not a big world leading country, because we must look like some kind of thrid world country.