The Acadia Prez short list

Acadia has a short list of two Presidential hopefuls – note the dates of the public presentations

The Presidential Search Committee is pleased to present two candidates for the position of President and Vice-Chancellor of Acadia University. Campus visits are scheduled for:

December 1 and 2, 2008 – Raymond E. Ivany, Ivany and Associates, Chair, Workers’ Compensation Board and Past President and Chief Executive Officer, Nova Scotia Community College.

December 3 and 4, 2008 – Deborah J. Buszard, Coordinator, Sustainability Academic Program Initiative and Acting Director, Environment Programs at Dalhousie University and Past Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus) and Dean of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill University.

Interview schedule  for Ivany

4- 5 p.m.[ Dec. 2] PUBLIC PRESENTATION Topic:
What are the short and long term opportunities and challenges facingAcadia?
At the end of your term as President, how would you measure whether you had been successful in leading the University community in capitalizing on the opportunities and addressing the challenges?
Location: Festival Theatre

Interview Schedule for Buszard – ditto the above but for Dec. 4

Open letter – Ivany rayivany

I feel compelled to raise an issue that I believe may stand as an impediment to Acadia’s success.
I recognize that I do not have a complete dataset and I apologize in advance if my comments seem impertinent, but, even to the casual observer, the past number of years have not been kind to
Acadia. I raise this issue knowing that much outstanding work continues to occur on a daily basis at Acadia. However, in the complicated and competitive world of post-secondary education, the combination of enrolment shortfalls, strikes and budget deficits represent a potent brew that can have a stultifying effect on institutional momentum. As President, one has a special responsibility to focus on the ‘pre-eminence of the institutional good’ and to be vigilant in addressing fundamental challenges directly and aggressively. My assessment – again with the caveat that my understanding is incomplete – is that Acadia’s current enrolment-budget-internal relations reality represents a serious challenge that must be met head-on. The interaction among these three dynamics must be broken as quickly as possible to avoid the ‘spiraling effect’ that is so damaging in the academic environment. My experience suggests there are no panaceas in dealing with this circumstance – I wish there were. However, I have faced similar situations previously and in both instances have been able to break the cycle through enrolment growth …I am also concerned with the impact of recent events on faculty, staff and student morale. As your President, I would place a high priority on improving relations among all members of the campus community.

OTher stuff:

BUCKLE UP beside Ray Ivany as he zooms out of Halifax, and you’re in for a heck of a ride. Hurtling down Highway 101, you’re immediately struck by three things: this guy has a big brain, a huge social conscience and an enormous appetite for speed. Within minutes, the boyish president of Nova Scotia Community College has cited Robert Reich, quoted John Dewey, Dante and Sophocles — and confessed his love for racing motorcycles. A Suzuki 750, to be exact. “Cheap therapy,” he calls it. …In the six years since the charismatic Cape Breton native took the wheel at NSCC, he has negotiated a major transformation of the 13-campus college, reshaping a diverse network of vocational schools and technical institutes into one dynamic entity. Under Ivany’s leadership, NSCC has boosted opportunities in everything from applied research to adult learning, imported technology for the oil and gas industry and incubated businesses across Nova Scotia.

Open letter Buszard [Much shorter] dbuszard_bio1

As President I would seek to attract and maintain strong public and private support for the university and work to ensure strong continuing support for higher education from both federal and provincial governments. To earn this support the university must focus on the primary mission of teaching and research and the development of students, faculty and staff. The next President will need to reach out to new and emerging funding prospects and partners who share the University’s commitment to education.

Other stuff:

In research facilities development she had 5 CFI grants awarded in 20000 for poultry; plant productivity, dairy industry, information technology, food processing and engineering and environmental analysis. Also in 2000, she established the first fully funded endowed Chair in the Faculty, the Tomlinson Fowler Chair in Forest Ecology. Dr. Buszard has had numerous publications in referred and popular publications, and has had a very distinguished research career, releasing several strawberry cultivars, and receiving two U.S. patents. She is also very active on boards and professional associations such as The American and Canadian Society for Horticulture Science and the Agricultural Institute of Canada.

CVs –        Ivany and           Buszard

– a race between an Obama and a Hillary?

Later: We suggest both read David Warren’s piece on Education.

Later again: – It was a very short, short list wasn’t it? Isn’t there one name which should have been on it but who wasn’t even considered?

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