Blogging Frank 547

Time to give our readers a rundown of the latest (and colourful!) Frank mag. [we don’t always get around to it but we just had to this time, since Ww is cited – after a fashion! Have to read to the end for that! ]

There is a colour centre fold with “hot” pictures of some cold “beefcake”, from the filming in Chester of “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom“. Some of our readers may be familiar with the series. [Why they chose Lunenberg instead of Wolfville -the Key West of the Valley- is beyond us.] There’s an “armchair critic’s review” of the flick which won’t entice us to go see it –

Bad writing , worse direction, and acting that defies description combine to make this the most pleasant hour and 40 minutes I’ve spent in a movie theatre- and I found myself wishing it would go on forever [does that make sense to you? or did we miss the satire – ww] … The characterizations change from “street wise” to “metaphysical discussion of the meaning of life” sometimes within one single line of dialogue. Everyone laughs and cries; no one convincingly. Everybody drinks; some throw up.”

AND, to be inclusive- sort of- there is a colour pic of Ellen Page who apparently featured herself prominently at a Prop. 8 rally in California.

Perhaps of more interest to Wolfvillians is the chatter on p.4  on Maclean’s University rankings. Frank dumps on the “lunatic feminists” at The Mount for its “embarassing numbers”.  And it flogs Cape Breton U for placing last in the reputational category. But then, in contradiction, Frank goes on to suggest that St. F X’s  overall #4 ranking is only that high because of its very high reputational ranking which they suggest is undeserved. [Confused? The reputational ranking has credence when it comes to CBU but not when it applies to St. F.X.?] Frank points out that only 63% of students who entered St. F.X.  in 1998 got a degree within seven years [placing 34th of 42 schools] and 16% don’t return after the first year.  Actually we see those rankings as connected, don’t you? Perhaps the high reputation is maintained because St. F X has higher standards and isn’t afraid not to pass students who don’t deserve to? Meanwhile Mt. A got a pass [Billy Bob is an alumnus] Acadia fell from 1 to 3 and  they both still cost an arm and a leg.

Further on there is another Acadia connected story, an update on the Colin Wightman affair. Although he was fully cleared in August by the pony police, the Uni, afterwards, terminated his employment after he refused to sign a letter of resignation. The Can. Assoc. of University Teachers is calling for his reinstatement and compensation. Does anyone see the irony in Acadia taking this posture over a private, consensual, off campus, sexual encounter, when they promote “positive spaces”

.. Acadia Pride exists to provide support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-Spirited and Questioning (LGBTTQ) persons.  …One mandate of Acadia Pride is to promote the establishment of a safe environment for LGBTTQ persons.  A proven method of providing help is through the establishment of “Safe Spaces” or what we have decided to label as Positive Spaces.  These are clearly identifiable places on campus where an LGBTTQ person can expect to find someone who is supportive, helpful and mindful of the unique needs of those in the LGBTTQ community and knowledgeable of local and regional resources available to this community.  …As a volunteer in the Positive Space program you will participate in a workshop here on campus and when done you should be able to:
·       Understand the differences among people of our geographic community as well as differences among people who are LGBTTQ.
·       Recognize Heterosexism, transphobia and homophobia in all their forms and consider actions you can take to stop it.
·       Provide appropriate support and referrals to LGBTTQ individuals, including information about LGBTTQ resources at the local, national and international level.
. emph ours

Seems Mr. Wightman would get better treatment if his encounter was campus connected and he decided he was transgendered, bi-sexual or perhaps Questioning?

Two pages are devoted to Paul Martin’s book promo – a list of who was spotted and who wasn’t. [Scott Brison was among the missing] From the book itself, not much, but what there was is very revealing. Martin writes:

As time has passed I have been aghast at what the Harper government has done walking away from the Kelowna Accord [which was never a signed document only a promise] our child care agreements [agreements?!!! more promises never delivered in 13 years] and our role in the world [he means at the UN] I have been deeply troubled by the degree to which this government has been willing to put at risk the fiscal achievements of the previous decade [a promised Universal child care program if actually realised wouldn’t have put that at risk Mr. Martin? Or did you just intend to keep promising and not producing?]

To Martin’s views Frank intones “Amen brother”.  [Has there been a change of writers at Frank recently? It seems that a new generation of Franklanders have taken over the bunker, indoctrinated educated no doubt at one of our fine educational establishments. It shows. How we miss Bentballs who would have reminded us how panicked Martin was at the end of his campaign, promising arms, legs- and even other extremities- in desperation tactics. Fiscal restraint? Ha! Can you imagine what he would be doing in this season of economic crisis? But we digress.]

p.14 has a paeon to CBC’s Stan Carew (not undeserved) and a slam against CTV’s corporate culture followed by a short (but apparently obligatory) piece on the Steve Murphy question affair. [We’re just thankful it wasn’t another 4 pages]

There is a fascinating, “unprecedented”  bit about FOIPOP in a fight with tthe N.S. Legal Aid Commission. Absolutely crazy. To cut through the obscurity and put it all in simple terms … A (a citizen)  applies to B ( the reviewing officer for the Freedom of Info act) for documents from C (a public body) , B asks C for the documents so it can determine/review/ judge whether A deserves to get the docs and C refuses B! Insanity!

Which brings us to the LETTERS! Which is usually of our favorite part of the ish. Here are a couple we picked out as notable.

Dear Frank, Independent MP Bill Casey sure has fooled a lot of people including you Liberals at Frank. [re Losers weepers, Casey’s Tory Foes cry foul over Funds- Frank 545] The reason Bill quit the Tories is because he was not made a minister of parliamentary secretary in the new Harper government. Period. Nothing else. U.R Fooled, Truro

Someone else noticed!

Dear Frank:

Are you sharing a brain with CBC hackette Krista Erikson? One day after I read in your esteemed organ that the Canadian Broadcase Standards Council had received 45 complaints [only 45? That means there are millions, and millions who didn’t complain!] regarding the Steve Murphy Stephane Dion interview( Frank 546) Krista ran a very, very similar piece in her Political Bytes column. Her story got national exposure. Did yours? Hope So, North End Halifax.

Others have already commented on the irony of Krista commenting on broadcast and journalistic standards!!! ! And –

Dear Frank: What do you have against Steve Murphy ( Frank 544, 545 & 546) [ go back further!!!! there are more. ww] YOur endless devotion to his alleged “betreyal of jouranlistic practice” has become tiresome and repetitive, not to mention unnecessary. Murphy’s question to Stephane Dion, while perhaps unclear to an individual whose first language is French, is perfectly clear to anyone versed in English abocve a certain level. Please stop beating this dead horse,. Surely there must be other beasts to flog. R. Igor Mortise, Wolfville

Something about this deathless and extremely sensible prose struck us as familiar. To have a pseudonym for a pseudonym ! ROFL We now look at letters in Frank in a whole different light.


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