Brison, speaking at the Rideau Club  in Ottawa,  October 27, 2004

…we see an opportunity for savings in real property…that is the office buildings owned by Public Works and Government Services Canada. We now spend more than $3 billion a year in this area. And again, I’d like to save about 10 percent a year by doing business better and more efficiently.
You may have heard that we are examining the economics of owning our own office buildings. As I’ve said before, being a landlord is not a core business of government, nor should it be. Studies show we spend more to operate our properties and have more space per employee than the industry average. We’re simply not as efficient.
However, no decision has been made, and we are looking at a number of other options as well, such as outsourcing management, or using REITS, real estate income trusts.
And soon we will be putting out an R.F.P. or request for proposals from investment bankers or real estate experts to look at the economics of owning versus leasing office buildings(page 3)

Brison, 2008 (in response to Flaherty’s suggestion that Ottawa might sell some government properties.)

After three years of bad tax policy, and big spending , Flaherty has put the country in deficit. Now he wants to sell the house to pay for the groceries,” said Brison.

What happened to : “being a landlord is not a core business of government, nor should it be”  ??


One response to “Brisonomics

  1. Why would there be comments? There is no representation for the conservative minded people of this riding. You have to be a Liberal attacking the government all the time.

    No wonder nobody wants to stick their neck in the guillotine of governing. It is sickening that there are so many who only want power for power’s sake and then lie, cheat, deceive and defame for the cameras. It is obscene.