Wolfville weather watch -update

An update from Brett:

Before I get to the long range update, I have a few comments on the storm that hit the Maritimes last night and this morning……..

–Storm center track up just to the east of Halifax, NS and then almost went directly over Charlottetown, PEI this morning.

–The barometer reading fell very quickly in the path of the storm center earlier this morning. Charlottetown, PEI saw the barometer drop to 982 mb or about 29.00 inches.

–Even areas that ended up on the warmer (eastern ) side of the storm saw a several hour burst of very heavy snow last night before the changeover to rain. One reader reported 20 cm of heavy wet snow in just a few hours near the coast.

–Heavy snow, thunder and lightning were reported on Prince Edward Island.

–Strong winds buffeted parts of Cape Breton Island. Grand Etang had a gust from the east at 69 knots or 128 km/h.

–Looks like about 28 cm of snow so far in Moncton, NB.

I have not seen any snowfall reports from Environment Canada as of yet. Still waiting, and waiting and waiting……..

Which is why we don’t even bother anymore with Environment Canada. Read the rest of Brett’s long range weather forecast which has predictions for Dec.

Meanwhile it appears the NS Dept. of Transport is waiting for the official start of winter before they put their winter crews on. It’s easier to close the roads!


Our stats show people are looking for weather information, not surprisingly, and our old post on Christmas weather from two years ago keeps popping up making it our most “read” post”.  But to give our readers something more timely we have checked with our weather guru, Brett at Accuweather who has a further update. Looks like we may get dumped on folks. That purple band is snow and Wolfville is within the band. It looks as if points east may not get as much or it will turn to rain earlier.

Purple: 20-30 cm with localized amounts of 35 cm
Green: 10-20 cm. Eastern areas will see a brief mix with rain/sleet early Saturday morning.
Yellow: 5-10 cm. Eastern areas will see snow into early Friday night then a change to rain late or early Saturday.
Blue: 2-5 cm. Quick burst of snow Friday evening/early Friday night then quickly over to rain.

storm-snow-amountsRead Brett’s post for the whole story.


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