For the Brison watch file

Dion has named Scott Brison Liberal finance critic.

I look forward to holding the government to account on the economic challenges facing the country at this time.  The prime minister continues to assert that Canada is in a strong fiscal position but after just three years in office the country is now facing an impending deficit under his leadership.  I think the prime minister and his finance minister will have a lot to answer for when the House of Commons resumes next week,” said Mr. Brison. emph ours

Brison is ready to blame the Conservatives for the global economic meltdown. Anyone who believes that will believe Brison no matter what he says. Remember this is an ex investment banker barker of the type that led the market down this garden path in the first place. He knows this better than anyone, or should.

For the rest of the shadow cabinet see here. The only one we see with any weight is John McCallum and maybe Martha Hall Findley who could do well as the ” Critic for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, and will work hard to advocate for much needed infrastructure funding to flow in a timely manner to Canada’s cities and communities.”


5 responses to “For the Brison watch file

  1. Just wondering when Scott Brison was an investment banker. Is that listed in his CV?

  2. It used to be. We refer you to one of our previous posts, which gives his bio as reported in 2003 and then later when in govt.
    Unfortunately the links are dead.
    Scott used to work for Yorkton Securities (2000-2001) but he doesn’t often name the firm any more if he mentions his brief stint as VP there.
    We figure the job was a reward for stepping aside for Joe Clark.
    We figure he was mostly a marketer for the firm and it irks us when the press refers to him as an ex investment banker – even if the term has lost a bit of its impressiveness lately!

  3. Oh yes, John McCallum….he of the newly de-bagged eyes. I remember when he was not allowed to board an Air Canada flight because he was drunk and abusive. Not a reassuring picture of a “critic”of the gov.
    Also, if the Royal Bank got rid of him, how bad could he have been?
    They used to say, “The closer you are to the top, the closer you are to the door.”
    A good thing for the ambitious to keep in mind.

  4. Brison was never an investment banker. He was given that title for only a period of four months while he had no job after letting Clark take his seat. I would be surprised if the guy ever even went into the office once. I mean other than when Joe took him in to ask them to hire him for a while.

    I have to laugh. I have never seen someone plump up such a thin resume in my life. I mean if you take away the mini fridge business when he was 18, the guy was a salesman in the US for what, four years? I love how his bio says he has extensive private sector experience. And like WW, hate when they call him an investment banker. It’s because they have no idea what else to say he was??

  5. Looks like Aquarious Coatings was more of an Ontario company than a NY company. Also looks like the company was in business for all of 3 years when they gave Scotty the big title of NA Sales Manager. The company was in major difficulty in 2001 based on the link you put up. Seems like every company he has been involved in (Aquarious and Yorkton) has gone bust. More proof that his resume is razor thin. You are right though, he knows how to get ahead. But he is feuled by all flash and little substance. This is evident.