Winds of change blow through Wolfville

The new Council was sworn in last night and it was clear that change was in the air [with apologies to the Obama campaign].

The new deputy mayor tells the tale. Both Mangle and Simpson threw their hats in the ring but, after the secret ballot, Hugh the hero, trusted veteren, rose victorious, much to the gratification of some in the peanut gallery [and the opposite, we suppose, to others in attendence].

The discussion made it clear that there was a new leader of the pack. [We are not referring to the mayor.] And there is a new team to take Wolfville in a new direction in the next few years.  The budget will not get to the table without early scrutiny again we think. Fiscal responsibility and open governance are expected of this newly composed Council and we think they may actually deliver on the promise, if what was heard last evening was any indication.

We think new voices will be heard, new ideas introduced, and some issues, long neglected, resolved. Those are our hopes and expectations anyway. Not that we will quit watching!

Later: We meant to say that one thing puzzled us. What was the rcmp officer doing there? Was someone afraid a fight would break out?


2 responses to “Winds of change blow through Wolfville

  1. Jolly good. Now maybe we will have a little less political orange at the table. Looks like change is in the air, too many good new guys to be too influenced by the old guard.

  2. Change…ha that’s a laugh. Look at the council there may be some new names at the table but there’s a lot of old thinking, I’d be willing to bet that there will be very little in the way of change