Acadia copy copied

Now that we have got our little rant against Frank’s intemperate trashing of Steve Murphy off our chest, we are willing to mention one of the other stories in the latest issue (546 good til Nov. 25th) It concerns Acadia U. and Gordon Delaney, CH’s Valley Bureau Chief. (p.14)

Basically Frank says that Gordon Delaney was suspended over an article he sent to the paper on Acadia University’s fall convocation.

Oh, and a smashing piece it was – so grammatically, thematically, and syntactically correct why you could just see the leaves blowing off the Wolfville elms. …

But there was a problem. A copy editor at the Herald, perhaps familiar with Gordo’s writing style, smelled a rat, a lazy rat.

I’m told she magically googled a sentence or two and alas up came the original press release which had been sent out to Gordon from Acadia.

Perhaps this one? It’s not exactly gripping, magical writing. Frank said the press release never made it “to print in any form”  (but it was obviously online or it wouldn’t have come up on a google.)

Aside from the new lead atop the story … Gordo’s magic wasn’t Gordo’s magic at all, but the magic of Scott Roberts & the Acadia PR department.

We are shocked and surprised at this. No, not at at Delaney’s copying- isn’t that the way “reporting” is done these days? Even documents like Municipal Planning Strategies seem to be cut and paste jobs. Take the Advertiser, for example – you send some copy in on some community group event and it appears as you wrote it; happens all the time. But perhaps the CH is trying to hold to a higher standard or something?

The franklander’s view was:

(1) I don’t know anybody ( possibly beside Gordo) who would want to plagiarise a press release, and (2) who the hell would care.

That’s right. Heck, if you are going to copy, copy from someone good like Da Vinci! And  who DOES care anymore. Everyone’s doing it. Don’t feel sorry for Mr. Delaney; a 2 day suspension without pay – for getting caught – is a slap on the wrist.

Interesting side point: Frank’s cover online – shown here is different from the print copy. The print copy has the lines  “Valley Reporter Suspended” and “Galling Oak Island Getaway” in the center space where online it says ” Big Ben Art College Deal.” We notice things like that.


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