Closet conservative

For Scott watchers: The recent Macleans has a photo spread of Brison takes, including one with his spouse Maxime. Were the rumours we heard about a new partner and a new dog unfounded? We had to laugh at Mitchel Raphael’s commentary on Brison’s garb at “Fashion Cares“, the “glamourous fundraiser for the AIDS Committee of Toronto” hosted by David Furnish where the pics were taken.

Also at Fashion Cares was Grit MP Sott Brison, who says he will not run for the leadership this time around. Brison was dressed for the occasion in a smoking jacket ‘from my Conservative days.”[Source Macleans NOv. 17th p. 10. text isn’t online.]

We are trying to imagine Steven Harper in said jacket with difficulty. Perhaps Joe Clark.

It is good to see that some Liberals are using their time in opposition for their benefit and can laugh at their present predicament.

Liberal MP Mario Silva, who has just finished a masters in international law that he has been working on through Oxford University for the past 21/2 years, was at the fundraiser as well. He says being in opposition allowed him to complete the degree, and that he is hoping to embark on a PHD.

We guess that’s what we pay opposition members of Parliament to do, eh? It would be a shame if the government fell and he couldn’t get his Doctorate but do the  constituents of Toronto Davenport ( Silva’s riding) know? “Working for you in Davenport!” ha ha.

No mention of Conservatives at the fundraiser but Jack Layton was there wearing an Obama baseball cap. Guess he knows a socialist when he sees one. The NDP are plotting an early non confidence vote in hopes of a coalition government under Ralph Goodale.


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