Wolfville results UPDATED AGAIN

Wolfville results up in the air again.

From the ToW website:

Election Recount – Nov. 3 Council Meeting Cancelled

An Application for Recount of all ballots cast for Wolfville Municipal Councillors in the 18 October, 2008 municipal elections has been made to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia at Kentville. As a result, the swearing-in ceremony for the new and returning Councillors must be delayed until the result of the Recount is announced. Therefore the meeting of Wolfville Town Council scheduled for 3 November is postponed, to be held, on notice, after the Recount result is announced.

Doesn’t mention who applied for the recount but we can only presume it is Eric Hughes as he was the one bumped and is next closest in votes. [44 votes separate him from Bill Zimmerman] It shouldn’t be a privacy thing and should be a matter of public record.


The Official results (if we can believe them) are now on the Town website:

Official results of the October 18, 2008 municipal elections for Mayor and Councillors follow:


Balcom, Garry R.    209
Cantwell, Jeff        512
Stead, Robert (Bob)    542
Townsend, George    69


Anderson, Ann    529
Drummond, Peter    467
Hughes, Eric        546
Irving, Keith        734
Laceby, Jim        650
Mangle, David         608
Oldham, Carl P.            622
Richardson, Sheila            309
Simpson, Hugh            692
Wrye, Robert                538
Zimmerman, William (Bill)        590

The reason the count for Carl P. Oldham changed was that during the official addition on Tuesday it was found that  the number for the advance poll was not transcribed correctly.  No other counts were affected.

Please note the comment here from one of the CBC/Eastlink crew: Here are two short clips from that comment:

We weren’t just waiting for them to “send us the results”; we were actively calling the returning officers and sending Eastlink staffers to the count to try to find out what was going on. …

I believe Wolfville had the slowest count of any jurisdiction in Nova Scotia.

But read the whole thing!


Breaking news!  The official numbers are now in and there is one change. Eric Hughes was not elected and Carl Oldham was. It seems someone forgot to count 160 votes for Carl and his numbers should be 622 instead of 462! So that knocks Eric off which must be a blow as he was probably very excited by getting on – and it must be gratifying to Carl.

Numbers aren’t up on the ToW website yet but we got this news from a friend of one of the candidates who was informed directly by the returning officer. The miscount was in the advance poll results. It took a long time and they still couldn’t get it right.

The final results are good, we believe, for the Town. There are 3 new faces, and 3 who -with the mayor- have experience and provide continuity.

2 responses to “Wolfville results UPDATED AGAIN

  1. Did they forget to count any other votes. Maybe we should just do the whole thing over again, just to make sure. Maybe there are another 31 votes somewhere.

  2. My thoughts exactly ….how is it possible that they only “missed” votes for one person? If they were wrong the first time how can we believe their right now? This goes to prove the lack of competence of the town, I mean reallly!!! I think we need a recount!